Kavaleren’s Atomic Kitten, i everyday-life called Zuki

Name: Kavaleren’s Atomic Kitten, i everyday-life called Zuki.
Breed: Chihuahua Long Hair.
Born: 19.01.2007
Mother: Kavaleren’s Hiaca Mita
Father: Sawos Atomic Boy
Breeder: Hege Pettersen and Andreas Holm with Kennel Kavaleren.


Zuki was grown up when she moved in with us after having a safe and sound start at her breeder’s along with the other docgs. We were a little anxious whether or not she would enjoy living with us and all the cats, and with Naima that was 5-6 times the size of the dogs she was used to. Well, that was one wasted concern!

The cats are fascinated with her, and don’t know wheter to treat her like a baby or like some kind of toy. They’re very gentle around her, and usually confine themselves to wash her off when allowed. She is a lovely little creature that just needs to be loved, and that is at her best when cuddling up in someones lap or round Ingunn’s feet under the computer desk.
It is impossible to meet Zuki and not be touched by her mild and gentle personality. She’s really something to herself, and our precious little piece of candy.
We are so happy that she’s ours, and we’re grateful to Hege and Andreas for giving us the opportunity to become Zuki’s new family!