Vanity Amiable Naima

Name: Vanity Amiable Naima
Breed: Collie
Born: 24.05.2004
Mother: Vanity X’traordinary Me (Tova)
Father: Nyitramenti Maestro
Breeder: Gitte H. Sørensen and Hallgeir Bergh with Kennel Vanity.


Since august 2004 Naima has been a loved and important part of our lives. She’s a perfect family-dog: kind, friendly, an easy learner, obedient (almost), mild, and with a sense of humor. the latter being important to feel comfortable at ours;-)

We got to name her ourselves, as long as it started with an A. Ingunn, having read her portion of Jane Austen had a hung up on the word amiable, the sound and melody of it er so nice, and the meaning so positive, so that sealed the deal. Usually we just call her Naima, decided by asbjørn. it’s hebrew and means “the one that looks after”. A very suitable name for a collie; The amiable one that looks after”. And thats how she is as well. She looks after the cats and the kids, and she’s at her best in the evenings when the kids are sleeping, we are sitting down on the sofa, and the cats are resting in their favourite places. At this point she sighs satisfied and finds her place besides the sofa.

She is a dog you just have to love, and w are so happy to have met Gitte and Hallgeir who are such lovely breeders, and have given us this lovely girl with her great personality!