About us

We are a family of five living right outside Kristiansand in the south of Norway with our  cats and our dogs Naima and Zuki, and some fish. We feel priviliged to have the opportunity of living with these great animals, and they give us a lot of joy and perspectives in life. Our cats are all indoors-cats that have full access to the whole house and they also have a fenced yard outside where they kan relax in the sun, feel the wind in the fur and hunt flies and other insect, and in other ways enjoy the fresh air. Our goal is to have a small cattery with not so many litters og healthy, social cats that are typical for the breed. We want to keep the kittens with their mother until they are between 12 and16 weeks old. This cattery is registered at NRR and FIFE and we are also members of SØRAK. Please enjoy our homepage and feel free to leave  a note in our  guestbook!